The Abyssinian is considered to be one of the oldest breeds of domestic cats dating back to the         times of ancient Egypt when they graced the laps of Pharoahs and enjoyed being worshipped by an entire civilization.

The Abyssinian was introduced to the United States in the 1900's.  The most common color for an Abyssinian is Ruddy.  They also come in Cinnamon (or Red), and the dilute colors of blue and fawn.  The Aby breed is known for its wonderfully inquisitive personality.  They are active, intelligent and charming felines and make good companions for people of all ages.

The Aby is often referred to as a man's cat because of their wild look, similar to that of a small cougar.  This seems to attract them to both the male and female population.  Abyssinians retain most of their kittenish behaviors well into the winter of their lives.  

The Somali is essentially a longer haired version of the Abyssinian.  Genetically they are the same cat and will have the same wonderful, curious personality as their short haired cousins.

They all enjoy perching high in order to view their surroundings so do not be surprised to find them on the tops of doors of walking on the curtain rods.  They also love to surprise you by jumping onto your shoulders (or the shoulders of your guests) without notice.  Do not expect them to be couch potato cats or constant lap cats.  This breed has places to go and things to discover - however, most Abys and Somalis will be glad to share your pillow at night.

These cats will pretty much try anything edible at least once.  Some develop tastes for unusual cat fare such as watermelon or avocados!  Being that they have a high metabollism I pretty much let my cats eat whatever they develop a taste for.