The International Cat Association (TICA) is the largest genetic cat registry in the world.  Clint and Rene Knapp feel privileged to be judges in this wonderful association that both honors and protects felines, whether they are pedigree or domestic.  

All of our Abyssinian kittens are registered in TICA and many of them have been in the show ring with their new owners.  Pentaclecats kittens come from a long line of show cats and seem to be born into their stage presence naturally.  Recently Rene and Clint fell in love with The Aphrodite breed and brought them to the U.S. from Cyprus.

The Aphrodite Association has begun work to have these cats from Cyprus recognized here in the United States and could think of no better home than with TICA.  We are working in conjunction with the Cyprus Cats National Breeds Association in Cyprus.  At this time all of our Aphrodite Cats and kittens are registered in the World Cat Federation.