There are certain things that must be agreed upon when purchasing one of our kittens  and therefore a contract is required.  Below is our basic contract.
Please read it carefully.

The following pages are a contract between the below named buyer(s) and Clint & Rene Knapp.  Hereafter the parties shall be referred to as “Buyer” and “Breeder” respectively regarding the cat or kitten described below.

Clint & Rene Knapp
14507 Myland Road
Brooksville, FL 34614

Name(s) ___________________ Address ____________________

  ____________________ City/State ____________________

Home Telephone ____________________ Zip Code ____________________

Fax Number ____________________ Work Telephone ____________________

Email Address _____________________  

Kitten _________________            Color ___________    Sex_____________


Date of Birth  



Price $1,500 Deposit $300 

Balance Due $1,200 Balance when kitten is ready to go 

Guarantees by Breeder_______________________________________________________________

1. Breeders agree to provide buyer with a full refund or replacement (if possible) within 96 hours of purchase if it is determined by a veterinarian that the cat/kitten was in poor health at the time of purchase. Breeders agree to provide a valid health certificate and current vaccine record for the cat/kitten listed above. Breeders agree to provide TICA litter registration slips upon proof of the kitten being altered. 

2. Breeders will take back cat/kitten listed above for any reason or any age.  

3. Breeder makes no guarantee as to the show quality of the cat/kitten listed above.  

Guarantees by Buyer(s)_______________________________________________________________

Initial if in agreement

1. Buyer agrees to have cat/kitten examined by a licensed veterinarian within 96 hours of purchase and to advise breeders of the results of the exam. Cat/kitten should be isolated from any other animal in buyers’ home until said veterinary exam. Failure to do so may result in voiding heath guarantee. __________

Buyer should be mindful that the stress of re-homing the cat/kitten may result in temporary signs of illness which may include sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, diarrhea, and/or constipation. To help reduce signs of stress, buyer should feed cat/kitten identical food as have breeders. We ask that you take reasonable measures to reduce stress. Do this by slowly introducing cat/kitten to house and other members of the household, as well as limiting time cat/kitten may be with strangers, children, or other animals.

2. Buyer promises and warrants that this cat/kitten will be an INDOOR ONLY animal, not allowed outdoors except in a protected, enclosed area, a carrier or on a leash. __________

3. Buyer will not confine this cat/kitten to a cage for extended periods of time. __________

4. Buyer agrees that the cat/kitten will NEVER BE DECLAWED. __________

5. Buyer insures the cat/kitten will receive regular veterinary care including at least an annual exam, vaccination boosters, as well as any needed veterinary attention. If the buyer is unsure whether veterinary care is warranted, a vet will be contacted, the situation explained and the veterinarians’ advice acted on. __________

6. Cat/kitten will receive kind and frequent human attention. __________

7. Cat/kitten will be given proper diet and will have fresh water available at all times. __________

8. Cat/kitten will not be left unattended if buyer is away for longer than overnight, but will be attended by a pet sitter (or equivalent human) at least once a day or boarded at a reputable facility. __________

9. If at any time the cat/kitten is found to be ill, malnourished, abused, neglected, or unattended outdoors, buyer will surrender cat/kitten unconditionally to breeder(s) with no refund of purchase price. __________

10. Under no circumstances will this cat/kitten ever be abandoned, sold, leased, given away to any pet shop, humane society, pound, shelter, research facility, or euthanized for behavioral problems. If for any reason buyer cannot keep cat/kitten, breeder will be notified immediately PRIOR to any disposition of said cat/kitten. Breeder(s) then have the option to take back cat/kitten and/or to help find another suitable home. Buyer will not be reimbursed for purchase price. __________

11. Kittens must be altered by the age of six months. Pedigree will be provided at time of purchase and litter registration slips will be marked “not for breeding.” THIS KITTEN MAY BE SHOWN IN THE PEDIGREED CAT ALTER CLASS IF THE BUYER WOULD LIKE TO AND THE BREEDER AGREES THE KITTEN IS SHOW QUALITY. REGISTRATIONS BEING PROVIDED WILL BE VERY SPECIFIC.

12. Buyer agrees to notify breeders of any change in address or phone numbers; of any health problems; loss or death of the cat/kitten. _________ 

Exclusions and Amendments to this contract_____________________________________________

1. Buyer agrees that the contract will be bound by the laws of Florida and that any dispute regarding this contract will be settled in a court of the state of Florida. 

2. Deposit made upon execution of this contract is NON- REFUNDABLE except in the event that breeder cannot meet the guarantee at the time of adoption. 

In as much as the below signed buyer(s) have read and understood the terms and restrictions of the sale and understand that this contract is a legal and binding agreement, enforceable within the confines of the United States.

Breeder: ___________________                           Date: ____________  

Breeder: ________________________________ Date: _________________  

Buyer: ________________________________    Date: _________________  

Buyer: ________________________________    Date: _________________